Towards making J-AIR the world's number one regional airline.
With pride and excitement in our jobs.

J-AIR is the regional airline for Japan Airlines (JAL) group. We are based at Osaka International Airport, Itami, and operate regional jet flights around Japan, from Memanbetsu, Hokkaido in the north, to the Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture in the south, and many places in between. We will contribute to revitalizing the flow of people and logistics by providing high-quality, friendly services and an air network that meticulously connects local regions.

J-AIR service routes

Haneda Misawa/Akita/Yamagata/Yamaguchi-Ube/Miyazaki
Itami Memanbetsu(Seasonal flights)/Hakodate/Aomori/Misawa/Akita/Hanamaki/Yamagata/Sendai/Niigata/Matsumoto(Seasonal flights)/Izumo/Oki/Matsuyama/Oita/Fukuoka/Nagasaki/Kumamoto/Miyazaki/Kagoshima/Tanegashima(Seasonal flights)
Fukuoka Shin-Chitose /Hanamaki/Sendai/Tokushima/Kochi/Matsuyama/Miyazaki/Amami Oshima
Shin-Chitose Memanbetsu/Aomori/Hanamaki/Sendai/Niigata
Kagoshima Amami Oshima/Tokunoshima

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Aircraft information

Our aircraft fleet consists of 18 Embraer 170s and 14 Embraer 190s, with 76 and 95 passenger seats respectively. These aircraft are manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. Despite being a rather compact aircraft, our passengers can enjoy class-leading wide aisles and high ceilings. In addition, the leg room and the seat width are as wide as those of the larger aircraft operated on the JAL Group’s major domestic routes. Additionally, our customers can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience with our genuine leather seats. In-flight entertainment service is available on personal devices on board all our aircraft, and in-flight internet service is available on our E190 aircraft.

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Company Profile

(As of April 1, 2023)

Company name
J-Air Co., Ltd.
Business area
Air transportation
Head office
2-2-5 Kuko, Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture 563-0034, Japan
Terminal office
3-555 Hotarugaike Nishimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture 560-0036, Japan
100 million yen
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (100% owned)
August 8, 1996
Business start
November 1, 1996
Company Representative
Representative Director and Chairman Takahiro Abe
Representative Director and President Shunsuke Honda
Number of employees
18 Embraer 170 (76 seats)
14 Embraer 190 (95 seats)
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